Lakehead Elementary Athletics (LEA)
, formerly Elementary Schools Athletic Association (ESAA), continues to build on its strong history of providing athletic opportunities for students of Lakehead Public Schools.

sporting opportunities to students in 10 different sports and activities.  Flagship events in Cross Country Running, Wrestling, Creative Movement and Track and Field boast some of the highest participation numbers in Ontario.

With today's increased rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, and a reliance on screen time, the importance of school activities has never been greater.  School activities teach students positive life lessons in healthy choices, work ethic, commitment, team work and active living.  Students who are involved in school activities are more likely to be engaged academically, have better attendance records, report less social issues and indicate more satisfaction in their overall school experience.  The students involved in school activities are building skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and in life.

Activity Calendar 2017-2018

For further information, please contact
Activities Director David Pineau at 625-5264 or